Dating Advice

Finally setting up your first hook up is a big deal. Your entire life has been leading up to this moment when you can finally have all of your sexual needs fulfilled. You just have to make sure you’re totally ready for it. The excitement can make you forget some of the most basic steps […]

Office Sex Stories

I spent my entire life believing that hooking up was really hard. I recently learned that’s not the case at all. All you have to do is make your intentions clear. A single woman is just as likely to fuck someone for fun as you are. This all happened between me and a woman in […]

Adult Online Dating

There’s nothing wrong with people who get themselves into committed relationships. They’re happy and it’s fine. You just have to be a certain type of person to do it and not everyone is. The people in committed relationships are missing a lot. There are tons of reasons to spend your time and money hooking up […]

Free Sex Sites

I’ve had sex with maybe 6 girls in my lifetime. Six girls in my whole life – it’s not something I’m proud of. At my age, I should be at least in the 20’s by now. So as you can probably guess, I’m not exactly a ladies man or somebody that’s comfortable trying to get […]

Sex Dating Adventures

I met him the first time and it was great, nothing like the online dating experiences I was used to having. We went to the movies first, a nice touch that he suggested. On the next date, we went out to dinner. It was a nice restaurant with a fancy menu.   We sat next to […]

Sex at Work

There we were, all of my co-workers and our boss in one room, together for the first time since my unfortunate sexual escapade at the company Christmas party. We were sitting at a table in the conference room and I knew all my coworkers had heard about my antics. Everyone thought I was a slut […]


I was looking to hook up online and had met a guy that seemed very intriguing… this was my first experience having anonymous sex and I was nervous to meet him. After a few emails, we decided to hookup. I was given an address and told to wear something revealing. When I got there, he […]

Free Local Sex

He put his fingers in my panties and pulled them down, exposing my shaved, wet pussy. I knew he could see how wet I was already and I thought he might like that. Perhaps he could even see me tremble and enjoy that as well. I was aching for him to take me but he […]

Hookup Tonight

I made sure everything was going to be perfect for our first encounter. Wine, candles, music, toys… I was ready for what I had hoped to be, an eventful evening. I even put on my special, skin tight dress that you liked so much.   I heard your car pull up and got a little […]

Sex Near Me

I’m a female that’s not ordinarily prone to having fantasies about other women. I have always liked women, but men have been my main interest for sexual pleasure. But there was just something about you that drove me absolutely wild. We met on this site and I wasn’t even looking for a lesbian affair. But we […]

Adult Dating Guide

Sex hookup sites seem like a lot of fun. I mean, who would object to joining a quality sex dating site like  and getting your dick sucked and fucking some hot tight pussy? You probably won’t get too many objections. Most straight red-blooded all American guys are all for free fucking. But that’s not […]

Sex Hookup

I knew I didn’t have anything going on the coming weekend so I had spent an entire week planning for a mission-impossible type of quest. My goal for the weekend was to leave a mess in my bed, all over my panties, all over the place. A mess that I made with my body… no, […]

Down to Fuck

I opened the door to the girl I was about to fuck. We had met on an adult dating site called hookupxxx and the time had come to do the deed. I didn’t know what her voice was going to sound like because we hadn’t spoke to each other on the phone yet but I […]

Adult Hookup

The dating game is getting really crazy these days and all guys have their own approach to it. I have developed my own approach as well, which works sometimes but not enough. I turned to one of those online hookup sites to see if things would get any better. I think I finally just got […]

Local Hookup

I used to go to clubs looking for girls every weekend. I live in the city and there are hundreds to choose from, with all kinds of girls inside. They’re all out for fun, flirting and dancing all night long. The problem is, they’re not dancing with me. Seems like there’s so much competition going […]

Booty Call

BI wanted a change in my life. I am always hooking up with guys that aren’t exactly willing to do some of the things I want in bed. Like fuck me 24/7. I am an anomaly, a hot chick with a man’s sex drive. Yes, they do exist and many of us are frustrated. That’s […]