Sex Near Me

I’m a female that’s not ordinarily prone to having fantasies about other women. I have always liked women, but men have been my main interest for sexual pleasure. But there was just something about you that drove me absolutely wild. We met on this site and I wasn’t even looking for a lesbian affair. But we found one, didn’t we?


We met at a coffee shop near my house. How easy it was to be with you. And I loved how close you sat to me the first time we met. It was so difficult for me not to just reach out and grab you for a kiss or brush my hand against your ass ever so discreetly. What if we had just started getting it on right then and there? You said you didn’t even know if you liked kissing women, but I know you do.


My dress is silver satin, smooth and sexy. We’re in public and eyes are all over us, as if they all know why we are here and what we are about to do. All the men in the room are looking at us with allure, but I am only for you today. And you are only for me.


Our conversation is in full swing, we have made a connection and are already leaving to go to our rendezvous point. I offer to drive and we get into my car. You then planted the biggest kiss on me I’ve ever had. It was soft and intense at the same time, our tongues swirling together for what seemed like an eternity. I ran my hands from your face down to your breasts, rubbing your nipple over your shirt.


I looked out the window to see the entire coffee shop staring at us… some were clapping. Maybe I should have parked a little further away?