I was looking to hook up online and had met a guy that seemed very intriguing… this was my first experience having anonymous sex and I was nervous to meet him. After a few emails, we decided to hookup. I was given an address and told to wear something revealing. When I got there, he was waiting with a blindfold in his hand. He said, I want you to put this on.


He blindfolds me and told me to strip, and lie on the bed. He arranges my limbs in a rough X and tells me to relax, that he’s not going to do anything to harm me. I can feel him putting things on my body, small pebbles or marbles… I feel them all over my body and I’m curious, but I don’t dare ask. He puts something in my mouth and tells me to bite down. It’s chocolate, an M&M.



I begin to speak but he stops me… He says: I’ve put 25 M&Ms on your body and your job is to stay still and make sure that none of them fall off of you. Seems easy enough, I thought. Then he lightly brushes his hand across my pussy…Oh….it’s going to be more difficult than I thought. I bit my lip and tried to stay as still as possible.


I ask: What happens if one of them falls off? You’ll see…he replied. He begins to run his hands gently over my body. I quiver with excitement while keeping my body perfectly still.


I can hear him slowly walking around me as my body tenses up with every step. He stops at my feet and glides a finger across the bottom of one. Does that tickle? It did. Then for a second he does nothing and just watches me, helpless and blindfolded. Suddenly, I feel his tongue between my legs.


That’s not fair… I said as all the M&Ms fall off my body at once.


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