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I’ve been a good girl for you. Please, I really just want to cum, I said. He ran his hands between my legs and stopped just before my pussy, careful not to brush it in any way. He’s teasing me and I can’t take it any more. My body pulsed with anticipation. I needed to cum so badly but was under his full control. I was on edge and it was all part of his plan.


As our hookup progressed, he had a wicked glint in his eye, as if he was trying to tell me something. I felt helpless as I waited for him to touch me in the ways that I needed.


Just fuck me, I said. I need to cum. He smiled and inserted a finger in my pussy. It was nice but I needed his dick in there, not his finger. I begged him to give it to me. Please, I will do anything for you to fuck me.


Finally, he took out his cock and shoved it in my gaping hole. It was no less than amazing! He had worked me up so much that I came several times in the first few minutes of our torrid affair. There was cum dripping off of his dick onto the floor.


Every inch of my skin was alive as I took every inch of his cock with each thrust.