Hookup Tonight

I made sure everything was going to be perfect for our first encounter. Wine, candles, music, toys… I was ready for what I had hoped to be, an eventful evening. I even put on my special, skin tight dress that you liked so much.


I heard your car pull up and got a little wet at the thought of what was about to happen. It felt like an eternity since we had agreed to our a quick fling but the time was finally here, and I was ready.


Completely naked, I knelt down on the floor as you knocked on the front door. Come in, I said. You opened the door and stepped in, looking dashing in your three-piece suit. I noticed right away that you had an erection.


You said nothing as you walked over to me and stopped. The zipper of your slacks was about 3 inches away from my face as I leaned forward, took it between my teeth and started to unzip you. That’s hot, you said.


I pulled your cock out and it was just as big as you had described. I was happy about that. I give you a wink and start to take you into my mouth for the first time.


As I start sucking on your cock, your hands work their way to my inner thigh, then to my pussy. I’m very wet at this point. You bend down to kiss me and we end up in a 69 position.


You say that it’s time… and I agree. You lean up to kiss me again. As we kiss, I can taste myself on your lips. I wanted your hard, throbbing cock in me now.


What are you thinking about doing to my pussy, I asked. Are you going to make it cum for me?