Adult Dating Guide

Sex hookup sites seem like a lot of fun. I mean, who would object to joining a quality sex dating site like HookupXXX.comĀ  and getting your dick sucked and fucking some hot tight pussy? You probably won’t get too many objections. Most straight red-blooded all American guys are all for free fucking. But that’s not the issue.


The issue is you run a big risk of getting fucked in your search to actually fuck females. By “getting fucked” I’m talking about getting screwed in the worst way possible. Let’s put it this way, you’re going to get fucked but not in the way you want. You’re going to get swindled.


Unfortunately, sex hookup sites are ripe breeding grounds for guys who pretend to be women trying to extort money from gullible and easy to fool horny dudes. Don’t be one of those horny dudes. It’s perfectly okay to be horny, it’s perfectly okay to be on the hunt for hot tight pussy. That’s okay, join the club. The problem is, in your zeal to bang as many different women on sex hookup sites as possible, you might be making yourself vulnerable to fraudsters.


Here are some tips on how to fight off these scumbags. Make no mistakes about it, these are scumbags. These people have no souls. They could care less about you. They just want your money. It’s a good idea to be able to identify and report these bastards so they don’t victimize other people.


Be Aware of Pushy Accounts


If you joined a online hookupsite and all of a sudden you start getting a lot of messages from one person, chances are, this person is up to no good. The chances are actually quite good that that person is not even a person, but actually is a piece of software. There are many scammers who use sophisticated software to send automated messages to try to rip off other dudes.


Be Wary of Picture Requests


If you notice that a particular account is flirting with you and wants you to send pictures of yourself, be very suspicious. If the pictures involve you fully clothed, that’s fine. However, if this person is asking you to take off your clothes, or play with yourself, or masturbate while you take pictures, that’s going to be a problem. Chances are quite good that this person is really setting you up for extortion. Don’t fall for that trick.


There are many guys who have paid thousands upon thousands of dollars, only to kill themselves because the extortionist can’t seem to get satisfied with the money that they’re sending. Don’t put yourself in this losing situation. If the person is asking for all sorts of compromising pictures or very sensitive pictures, cut that person off. Chances are quite good that you’re dealing with a person who will try to blackmail you in the future.


Be Suspicious of Money Requests


If you notice that the person you’re speaking with at sex hookup sites is asking for money for like small emergencies that show up, chances are quite good this person is just trying to scam you. Chances are, this person probably doesn’t even want to fuck you. If anything, this person just wants to suck money out of you by making up all sorts of stories. Don’t fall for that trap.