Sex at Work

There we were, all of my co-workers and our boss in one room, together for the first time since my unfortunate sexual escapade at the company Christmas party. We were sitting at a table in the conference room and I knew all my coworkers had heard about my antics. Everyone thought I was a slut now and I expected to be feeling shame and embarrassment, but I didn’t.  I felt alive.  It was the greatest feeling I had in a while. All of the men wanted me and all of the women hated me because they wanted to be me.


It was a big meeting and some very important things were to be discussed, but I couldn’t think about any of that. I could only think about some guy i met on an online dating site and how he could make me feel. The Christmas party had unleashed something in me that I needed to explore. I had sex in front of several people that night and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.


Suddenly, I felt a hand on my knee and my first instinct was to spread my legs. That’s when I knew – they’re right, I am a slut. It actually felt good to say that to myself. I am a slut!


The man with his hand on my knee had seen me at the party and now he thought he might like to try a little of this. So I let him. He slid his hand up my dress right in front of everybody, but no one noticed. Somehow, we were getting away with it.


His fingers reached my panties and I let out a little gasp. That drew a little attention, but I quickly brushed it off. They still don’t see what he is doing and now his fingers are inching toward my pussy. This guy is going to secretly finger me in front of our whole company. And I loved it.