Sex Hookup

I knew I didn’t have anything going on the coming weekend so I had spent an entire week planning for a mission-impossible type of quest. My goal for the weekend was to leave a mess in my bed, all over my panties, all over the place. A mess that I made with my body‚Ķ no, it’s not what you think. I have difficulty cumming and have finally made the decision to get some help. I was all tense and backed up – I just needed to cum. It had been months since I was able to cum. I tried everything – dildos, vibrators, even the wand. Nothing was working so I had to come up with a plan. Maybe I needed sex?


I went and registered on hookupXXX to find a guy for the sole reason of making me cum. I wasn’t that picky, I just wanted somebody that didn’t smell bad and could actually handle themselves with a woman. A little bedroom skill wouldn’t hurt either. I heard about squirting and was very intrigued to try it. Lots of girls can do it, maybe I could?


He finally showed up to my door with a smile and a single red rose. Great, I get the sensitive guy when what I really need is the guy that fucks good. I let him in and brought him straight to the bedroom.


I explained my predicament and he said he was willing to try to make me cum before we even have sex. He wanted to try oral sex on me first. Awesome! I handed him a printout from a website that I found with instructions on how to make a girl squirt. He looked at it and said let’s to this!


It took about 20 min of oral and finger stimulation but I finally came! I didn’t squirt but I really want to try it next time.