Local Hookup

I used to go to clubs looking for girls every weekend. I live in the city and there are hundreds to choose from, with all kinds of girls inside. They’re all out for fun, flirting and dancing all night long. The problem is, they’re not dancing with me. Seems like there’s so much competition going on that I might as well not exist. It’s very disappointing.


I felt like a tool every time I would go out to the club. Trying to keep up with fashion, spending loads of money on clothing just to impress chicks. Not to mention the drinks. You have to almost be a millionaire to go out every weekend to these clubs. I might as well have just gone to a hooker because it would actually be cheaper. That is, until I found HookupXXX.


I met my first hookup after being on the site for about a week. Blonde, beautiful and available…she had a great body with a little extra junk in the trunk. Perfect for me. She said she was too busy to date the traditional way and just wanted to skip all the bullshit. That’s exactly why I’m here.


She told me to just come on over and that there wouldn’t be any need for going out, drinks or dinner. We are here for one reason only. To get it on! That was fine with me because I really just needed to get laid. And I couldn’t believe that this girl was totally into it too!


I showed up right on time. She had a nightie on and little fluffy slippers. That was all I needed to get instantly hard and I was ready to go. She told me that I was cuter in person and she was definitely hotter in person!