Older Women hook up, too

I figure I’d write something to convince all of the younger guys who like older women out there to keep looking for what they want. I’ve talked to a lot of guys like you and I know that it can seem impossible to find what you want. A lot of women out there can make it seem like none of them are interested in younger guys. I can say for sure that a lot of us older women are absolutely in love with younger guys. We’re out there and plenty of us are on hook up sites just waiting for you to message us. In fact, being on a hook up site saved my job for me. I’ll tell you all about it so you know what women like me go through. Liking younger guys isn’t just a choice for us. It’s our fetish and there’s nothing at all that we can do about it but try to satisfy it. We know that there’s nothing wrong with it, but society has different ideas. Sometimes we have to sneak around so we don’t get those looks that we’re all so familiar with. Here’s how I got into hook ups.

I’m a Professor

So, first things first, I teach at a college. That’s important because I’m constantly surrounded by hot, young guys. Sometimes it’s more than I can stand. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to run to the restroom to rub one out in the stall. It’s impossible not to be turned on all of the time while I’m working. These young guys are shameless when it comes to what they wear. It’s always the worst with the ones on the sports teams. They’ll have practice after class and a lot of them will come in wearing shorts. That doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal, but these guys get a lot of erections in class. I know that it’s not their fault and they’re not turned on, they’re just 18 years old and full of spunk. The story here really starts with one of the hottest guys in my class. He was wearing those shorts and he always sits at the front of the class. I was giving them an exam and I was pretending to read at my desk. It was really just a way to hide my face while I stared at his stiff cock in his shorts. The fabric was so thin that I could see every vein and the bulge of his head. I tried to sit through the class, but I just couldn’t make it. I had to turn it over to my TA and excuse myself to the restroom. I had just gotten to the stall with my legs spread wide when the bell rang. Class let out and the restroom was filled with people. I just couldn’t do anything to myself and not get caught so I just pulled up my skirt and left, feeling incredibly frustrated.

He was waiting for me

I got back to the classroom and I was in no mood for anything. I was horny and all I wanted to do was fuck myself until I squirted all over the place. I was expecting to get back to an empty room. I was going to grab my purse and head out for the day. I was actually planning on just masturbating in my car before I pulled out of the parking lot. I wasn’t expecting this young stud to be there waiting for me. It turned out that he wanted to ask me about a bad grade. He told me it would affect his ability to stay on the football team, I think. I wasn’t really listening. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his body. He ended up begging me to let him do anything to make it up. That was when my pussy took over. I have no idea how I was able to say it, but I told him right there that he could get under my desk and use that sexy mouth of his to get an A+. He was really taken aback, but all younger men are the same. He got under there and started eating my pussy like the champion he is. He did it all. He sucked on my lips, he sucked on my clit, he shoved his tongue as deep inside me as he could manage.

We got caught

Things might have gone differently from there, but fate took over. This guy was amazing at eating my pussy and I was so worked up from staring at his rock hard cock all class long that I came in a minute flat. I could feel myself squiring all over his cute face and he didn’t let up for a second. It was right then that the dean decided to walk in. I heard the door open and shot up in my seat. My entire body was trembling. Luckily for me and my career, this guy was smart enough to stay under the desk. The dean said what he came for and left. He never suspected a thing. Needless to say, it put the fear in me that led me to satiating my hunger for younger men in a much different way.

I Signed up to Hook up

I signed up for a hook up site that night. I knew that I needed to tend to my needs. I couldn’t let that happen again. I found the first 18 year old and sent him a message. He got right back to me and I was on my way to fuck him. Yes, I had just cum, but I still needed to be filled. He more than took care of that for me. Now I can spend all day staring at those young cocks and never have to run to the restroom or try to fuck them. I can get all the sex I need from men who won’t get me fired.