My First Hookup

I’m just getting back from my first hook up and I wanted to share my story. I figure that anyone who’s on the fence about hooking up can read it and make an informed decision. I was very much on the fence myself before I decided to take the plunge. Fucking a random stranger after being in a relationship for so long seemed weird. I had never just jumped into bed with someone I didn’t know. I had no idea what to expect. I was under the impression that the whole thing would be awkward and unsatisfying. I was wrong.

I was also horny

The thing that drove me to finally hook up with someone was my dick. I was hornier than I had ever been in my life. I had no one at all to take care of it. I made the decision to join a site just for the hell of it. There was really no expectation that it would lead anywhere. I was hoping to maybe talk to someone and have a little sexting session and that was it. It turns out that the site had much more involved plans for me after I logged on.

The women were hornier

I started talking to the first woman I saw. I sent her a message and got one back right away. She didn’t want to chit chat or waste any time. She blatantly told me that she thought I was hot and that she needed a fuck. That’s really all that there was to the conversation. My heart started racing and I just agreed to meet up with her. I never thought things would escalate this quickly. It turns out there are plenty of horny women out there who are just looking for a piece of ass.

She emptied me out

There was nothing awkward about the sex at all. She knew what she wanted and she gave me what I needed. I was so backed up that I shot a load all over her face after about thirty seconds of an amazing blowjob. I was embarrassed but she laughed it off and just cleaned up the mess with a smile. I went down on her while I recharged and then we both went at it like animals in heat. I’ve never had hotter or more satisfying sex. Don’t pass up the opportunity to hook up with someone.