How to Hook Up

Tons of guys miss out on hook ups because they can’t tell when a girl is down to fuck. It’s a sad truth. You just need to notice the signs to make sure you get into her pants. No one wants to look back at a night out and realize it could have ended with a bang. You should never just go around thinking that women are hard to get. They get just as horny as you do. They want to fuck just as badly as any guy. They’re just not as verbal about it all the time.

Watch her body language

Most women will communicate their need of sex through their bodies. It’s their natural way of doing things. You have to look out for things like subtle hair flips. The hair is where they hold their sexuality. It’s how they make themselves look attractive. When they flip it, they’re calling attention to it. They want you to see them as sexual beings that you want to fuck. When a girl starts flipping her hair in a bar, it probably means that her clit is already starting to ask for a little bit of attention.

Start talking about sex

You should always make the first move and start talking about sex. This is how you can gauge her interest. There are two possibilities here. One is that she’ll change the subject. That means she’s not interested in fucking yet. The other reaction is to hold the conversation with you. That’s a dead giveaway that she wants to hook up with you. No woman talks about sex unless she wants to have it with you. You just need to guide the conversation to a place where you can invite her into your bedroom or hers.

Just ask her

We live in a sex positive society now. You can be open about what you want and need. Never underestimate the power of just asking a woman if she wants to fuck. She’s going to give you an honest answer. It’s the most direct approach to getting your dick inside of her. Just make sure you don’t do it too early. Get to know her a little bit first. Let the alcohol loosen the both of you up. Pick the right time and she’ll be moaning your name in no time. Just be sure to give her a good show.