How to Find a Date

Online dating and especially adult dating has evolved since the invention of the internet. It used to be rare that a hot girl would go to a dating site to find a date. Now it’s not only common, there are multiple incarnations of dating sites. Below are a few do’s and don’ts that could be used for all dating sites. In this article, we’ll get a little more specific to accommodate a dating site like HookupXXX. This site caters to men and women who want to have casual encounters specifically. You can probably get away with more, but it’s still good to have some tact.

First we will start with the dos of hookup dating. Do post a clear and tasteful picture of yourself. No one wants to see you half nude, at least not yet. Post a picture that captures your personality. The best is to take the picture from the waist up so you show what your body looks like while showing your face clearly. Do have a well written, personal description of yourself that says who you are. Do conduct yourself with some self-respect. You don’t have the girl in bed with you yet. Be yourself without being rude or disrespectful.

With every set of dos, there has to be a set of don’ts. There are a few don’ts to keep in mind with dating sites, especially sex hookup sites like HookupXXX. Don’t post a selfie with you putting on fish lips. You’re not a high school girl. Don’t post a picture of you flexing your pecks. Leave something to the imagination. She will be seeing plenty of your body later if you play your cards right. Don’t put up a profile description full of clever quips and one-liners. You will get more eye-rolls than you will messages. The most important don’t of all: Don’t be rude.