Casual Encounters

Let me first start by describing my body. 36-24-36 – I know, it’s the perfect hourglass figure and everything you want in a 28 year-old play toy. I have long, flowing blonde hair, a face like porcelain and a body like a goddess. I am a very classy lady, posh, refined and proper. Which is why it may seem so odd that I have a profile on hookupxxx. You wouldn’t expect to see a woman like me on a site like that. Which is precisely why it turns me on so much.

My most memorable foray into online dating occurred just after a particularly bad breakup. After being hurt, I was out to get what I needed from men and I knew how to do it. My plan was to go online and hookup with the first guy I found. I’m glad I found Ted.

I didn’t notice anything particularly special about him at first. He was polite and friendly, a normal guy. We met at a cafe and sat outside, talking about various mundane things. Then the conversation turned sexual. We talked about our desires, needs, fetishes….He had an interest in lingerie and feet.

Then he says that he wants to take me to a place a couple blocks away that he goes to sometimes. Sure… let’s go. I was up for just about anything. So we got up and walked a few blocks and turned the corner. Le sex shoppe… Great, he’s taking me to an adult book store. I was upset at first but strangely turned on as the same time. It looks like Ted might have more going on that I expected.

I pretended to not be fazed that we were going there and followed him in. Then he took me into a private booth where we watched videos and fucked.